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SelectUSA 2024 Preparation with Dave Roccio, Lando & Anastasi

March 18, 2024

Bill Kenney: Welcome to another episode of Belly2Belly! Today, we’re joined by Dave Roccio from the law firm Lando & Anastasi to discuss SelectUSA Investment Summit preparation. Welcome, Dave.

David Roccio: Hi, Bill. Thanks for having me.

SelectUSA Investment Summit preparation

About Lando & Anastasi

Bill Kenney: Great to have you here, Dave. Our aim is to help companies attending SelectUSA by providing insights into available resources beforehand. It’s all about SelectUSA preparation! Could you briefly outline how your firm assists companies entering the US market?


David Roccio: Certainly, Bill. We specialize in intellectual property law, focusing on patents, trademarks, and copyrights. For companies entering the US, ensuring their IP rights are protected is crucial. We help navigate the complex process of registering and safeguarding their IP assets, addressing potential hurdles that may arise.

SelectUSA preparation with Lando & Anastasi

Why SelectUSA

Bill Kenney: That’s invaluable support, Dave. You’ve been a regular at SelectUSA. What keeps you coming back to the event?

David Roccio: SelectUSA offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and companies genuinely interested in doing business in the US. The networking opportunities are unparalleled, and the connections made have been immensely beneficial. Especially for us in the technology sector, the event provides a platform to meet startups and tech companies, which aligns perfectly with our focus.

Preparation Tips for SelectUSA

Bill Kenney: It’s clear that SelectUSA provides a conducive environment for meaningful connections. For companies attending for the first time, what advice would you offer to maximize their experience at the event?

David Roccio: With such a vast conference, it’s essential to narrow down your focus. Firstly, consider participating in smaller group sessions or specialized segments like tech pitch sessions. These offer a more intimate setting for networking and discussions. Secondly, explore programs tailored to specific demographics, such as the Women in Tech mentoring program, for targeted support and advice. Lastly, don’t overlook collateral events or regional gatherings, as they often provide valuable insights and networking opportunities in a more relaxed setting.

Bill Kenney: That’s excellent advice, Dave. Focusing on specific areas of interest and leveraging tailored programs can indeed enhance the SelectUSA experience. Thank you for sharing your insights today.

David Roccio: My pleasure, Bill. Looking forward to seeing you in June.

Bill Kenney: Likewise, Dave. Take care.

Summary Points:

  • Lando & Anastasi specializes in intellectual property law, assisting companies entering the US market with patent, trademark, and copyright matters, ensuring their IP rights are protected and compliant with US regulations.
  • Dave highlights the networking opportunities and targeted connections available at SelectUSA, emphasizing the event’s value in facilitating meaningful interactions with companies genuinely interested in doing business in the US.
  • For first-time attendees, Dave recommends focusing on smaller group sessions, exploring specialized programs tailored to specific demographics, and attending collateral events to maximize networking opportunities and gain valuable insights in a more relaxed setting.

About MEET

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SelectUSA Preparation Podcast Recording – Dave / Bill (2024-03-14 15:02 GMT-4) – Transcript


Bill Kenney, David Roccio

SelectUSA Preparation Transcript

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