Unlock a Steady Stream of High-Quality U.S. Prospects

Navigating the vast, competitive, and intricate U.S. market can be a formidable challenge. MEET empowers B2B and B2G companies to establish a robust foothold and expand their presence through trade shows, events, and strategic alliances. Our goal is to equip you with a dependable pipeline of top-tier prospects using a proven, repeatable model that aligns with your U.S. objectives.

Why Choose MEET?

Deep U.S. Market Insights

Tap into our extensive network and profound market knowledge to identify the most promising events, swiftly add new customers, connect with key partners, and fuel your continued growth.

Scalable and Adaptable Resources

Depend on our scalable workforce to manage the complexities of expanding your in-house team. Stay focused on your core business while we expertly handle all aspects of your trade show strategy and execution.

Trade Show Mastery

With over 100 years of collective trade show marketing experience, our team ensures efficient engagement with your highest-value prospects, enhancing your presence and impact at every event.

How MEET Can Help

MEET provides a tailored, agile solution for all your trade show, event, and strategic introduction needs. As your business grows, our services evolve with you, ensuring seamless alignment with your expanding market aspirations.

Strategic Trade Show Planning

  • Trade show identification & selection
  • U.S. market intelligence & connections
  • Trade show-specific strategic planning
  • Target buyer-persona-centered approaches


  • Acting as your representative at trade shows & in the market
  • Facilitating first meetings with prospects
  • Preparing your team for trade shows
  • Managing related vendor negotiations and relationships

Marketing Support

  • Guidance on U.S. market preparation
  • Building connections with channel partners
  • Securing speaking and promotional opportunities
  • Integrating trade shows with your broader marketing strategies

Ready to Enhance Your Market Impact?

Click here to schedule a no-obligation conversation to determine if MEET can help you exceed your growth goals. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your business in the U.S. market.
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