Filling the Gaps in Your Trade Show Strategy

At MEET, we understand that sometimes you just need that one missing piece to complete your trade show puzzle. Whether it’s pinpointing performance gaps, crafting an actionable plan, or jumpstarting your market entry, our “In a Box” solutions are designed to fine-tune your trade show success.

Performance Assessment

Struggling with your trade show ROI? Let our proprietary Trade Show Performance Assessment System™ diagnose your challenges and unlock opportunities to transform your trade show results. Stop guessing and start optimizing with our tailored assessment options:

Quick and Dirty
Evaluates if the trade shows you are attending align with your business objectives.
A comprehensive review of your trade show strategy, assessing internal factors to maximize your return on investment.
A 360° performance review by incorporating feedback from customers, prospects, and partners, ensuring you’re engaging the right audience with the right tactics.

Discover how the Performance Dashboard™ can boost your success

Performance Dashboard™

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Select trade shows perfectly matched to your buyer persona and growth stage.
Master negotiation with event organizers to transform them into allies.

 Equip your team with actionable strategies for engaging and converting targets.


Analyze performance data to refine strategies and improve outcomes continuously.

Phase Zero - Test Before You Invest

Concerned about the risks of U.S. market entry? Our Phase Zero™ program helps you validate your market strategy with minimal risk. By engaging directly with potential customers and partners, we refine your targeting and messaging, ensuring your market entry is informed and effective.

  • Establish Key Relationships: Build early customer connections and strategic partnerships.
  • Refine Your Message: Optimize your marketing strategy based on real-world feedback.
  • Deliver Market Opportunity Report (MOR): Base your decisions on data, not assumptions, with comprehensive insights and strategy recommendations.

See if Phase Zero™ suits your expansion strategy

Our “In a Box” solutions are crafted to provide just what you need to solve your trade show challenges effectively. Let’s add rocket fuel to your trade show strategy together!

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