MEET helps international B2B companies gain traction and scale in the U.S. through trade shows, events, and strategic connections
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How to Maximize ROI with a Trade Show Strategy PlanEvent ROI Measurement - Top 5 Mistakes Companies MakeTrade Show Exhibitor Readiness AssessmentTrade Show Pavilion Host Readiness Assessment






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Looking for a great speaker for your team, association, or group?

MEET offers specialized workshops and webinars for trade delegations and trade missions. Click here for a downloadable pdf.

We’re glad to customize a presentation for your audience. Or feel free to choose one of these topics and we’ll send the outline for your review.

  • BOOTH BAIT – Are You Attracting Flies or Prospects?
  • AWARENESS EQUALS SALES – 5 Keys to Converting Sponsorship into New Business
  • IT’S THE AUDIENCE – Build Your Business by being a Recognized Authority
  • GOT CARDS, NOT CUSTOMERS – Analyzing Event Production and Building Accountability
  • PAVILION PITFALLS – Move from Greek Tragedy to Business Recruiting Hero

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