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SelectUSA 2024 Preparation with Sophorn Cheang, Business Oregon

April 3, 2024

Bill Kenney: Welcome to the next episode of Belly2Belly. Today, we’re here to discuss preparing for SelectUSA 2024, and I’m joined by my good friend Sophorn Cheang from Business Oregon. Welcome, Sophorn.

Sophorn Cheang: Thank you, Bill. How are you today?

Preparing for SelectUSA 2024

About Business Oregon

Bill Kenney: Wonderful, thank you. It’s great to see you. Thinking about the companies coming to SelectUSA, we aim to provide them with a preview of the resources they’ll encounter onsite. This pre-conversation helps us make progress faster when we meet in person. Many companies are interested in learning about Business Oregon and the support you offer to companies entering the US market, particularly in Oregon. Could you tell us about the services and support you provide?

Sophorn Cheang: Absolutely, thank you for having me. Oregon is not just a beautiful state known for its natural attractions but also offers a competitive business environment. Situated on the West Coast, we provide easy access to Asia and boast a high-quality workforce. Additionally, Oregon’s lack of sales tax makes it attractive for businesses looking to save on equipment purchases. We’re particularly proud of our semiconductor industry, anchored by Intel, which has made significant contributions to our state’s economy.

Business Oregon

Why SelectUSA

Bill Kenney: It sounds like Business Oregon offers comprehensive support. What keeps you coming back to SelectUSA each year? What’s important to you about participating in the event?

Sophorn Cheang: We see SelectUSA as a vital opportunity to showcase Oregon and engage with potential investors. It’s a platform where we can connect with industry experts, practitioners, and investors from around the world. We’re particularly excited about this year’s event, as we’ll be joined by local and regional partners to highlight Oregon’s investment opportunities across various sectors.

Getting the Most Out of SelectUSA 2024

Bill Kenney: With so many companies attending SelectUSA, some may find it challenging to navigate and make the most of the event. What suggestions do you have for maximizing the experience?

Sophorn Cheang: SelectUSA offers a plethora of opportunities for networking and professional development. Attendees should take advantage of panel discussions, workshops, and opportunities to connect with US government representatives. We also encourage them to visit Oregon’s booth, where they can learn more about our state’s offerings and network with our team and partners.

Sophorn Cheang: Thank you, Bill. We look forward to seeing you at SelectUSA in June.

Preparing for SelectUSA 2024 Summary Points:

  1. Business Oregon’s Support: Business Oregon provides comprehensive support to companies entering the US market, highlighting Oregon’s competitive business environment, strategic location, skilled workforce, and tax advantages, particularly in the semiconductor industry anchored by Intel.
  2. SelectUSA Participation: Participating in SelectUSA offers an invaluable platform for Business Oregon to showcase Oregon’s investment opportunities, engage with industry experts and potential investors, and network with local and regional partners across various sectors.
  3. Maximizing SelectUSA Experience: Attendees are encouraged to leverage the diverse opportunities at SelectUSA, including panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, to connect with US government representatives and explore Oregon’s offerings at their booth for optimal engagement and collaboration.

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