MEET helps international B2B companies gain traction and scale in the U.S. through trade shows, events, and strategic connections
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We provide

trade show success strategies

with proper guidance and direction which include assessment, planning, sponsership etc.</> to make trade show success.

Do you need

  • Fast and efficient growth?
  • Effective event participation?
  • Strategic connections?
  • Market and competitive intelligence?
  • Local knowledge and bandwidth?

If so, MEET can help.

Most marketing dollars are spent with the hope of someday getting face-to-face with prospects. Trade shows and events deliver the most efficient way to this end yet sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, and attendees squander this opportunity.

MEET helps clients engage, attract, and enroll quality prospects through events in order to produce faster and more cost-efficient results. We develop strategy, provide representation, secure speaking opportunities, enroll prospects, measure results, and catalog best practices.

Our goal is to drive a steady stream of high-quality prospects to our clients while continually improving each client’s event participation return on investment.

StrategyWe bring focus

MEET strategy is the foundation of event participation success. Like the rudder on a ship, the appropriate strategy guides direction.

  • Persona-centered event participation strategy
  • Specific plan by event
  • Integrate all marketing modes
  • Performance reporting
  • Continual improvement

RepresentationWe are you

MEET team members engage and enroll your best prospects and potential partners. We tap into our vast network to create just-in-time connections and opportunities.

  • Exhibit staffing
  • Strategic introductions
  • Market intelligence
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Meeting facilitation

MarketingWe drive quality prospects

MEET improves targeting and evolves all marketing communications to attract buyers and compel action. We support the integration of all communications to enhance marketing yield.

  • Buyer and partner persona development
  • Hypothesis testing and iteration
  • Lead handling and nurturing
  • Marketing asset review and localization
  • Integration of all marketing modes

ManagementWe keep priorities moving

MEET acts like an “in-house” department to assure that all of the details are covered, the best value is received from each vendor, and schedules are met. We empower your team to improve their actions, competence, and confidence when engaging prospects.

  • Logistics management
  • Event coordination
  • Vendor identification, negotiation, and relationship management
  • Team skill development and coaching
  • Sales support

We Evolve with You

One crucial thing we’ve learned after 10 years of helping international B2B companies gain traction and scale in the U.S., is that needs, priorities, and best practices evolve as a business matures. MEET processes are agile in order to produce better results at every stage of your company’s growth.

Contact Bill Kenney ( for a free, no-obligation conversation to discuss your goals. We are happy to help you directly or connect you to a more appropriate resource.