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LOCALIZING COMMUNICATION: Connect with and Enroll Trade Show Participants

June 12, 2018

LOCALIZING COMMUNICATION: Connect with and Enroll Trade Show Participants

A conversation with Fernanda Ave, Partner and the Intercultural Communication Specialist at Mirrai International

Join us for this June 26, 2018 webinar. More info and register here.

LOCALIZING COMMUNICATION: Connect with and Enroll Trade Show ParticipantsIt doesn’t matter what you say, it’s what the listener hears that counts. Many companies have made the mistake of assuming that the marketing that has been successful in their current markets will be successful in their next. Communicating effectively is not easy when you’re in your home market. Communication becomes considerably more difficult when you enter new markets. Understanding the nuance of local customers and communication in each market that you operate is critical to sales and retention success.

A localization strategy is a unique market approach a company takes to address purchasing habits, customer behaviors and overall cultural differences in each country it does business.

When a business enters a new foreign market, it can be challenging to give buyers in that country a customer experience that feels familiar and comfortable to them. Creating country-by-country localization strategies ensures customers abroad benefit from the same quality experience they would expect from a local business.

In this workshop, we’ll particularly focus on the challenges and best practices in localizing communication for trade shows and in-person events. Join us an learn the latest tips to localize your communication.

Workshop Outline

  • Setting the table
  • Common challenges
  • Best practices and strategies for successfully localizing you communication
  • Your questions

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  • Fernanda Ave ( is a Partner and the Intercultural Communication Specialist at Mirrai International, a Vancouver based consulting company focusing in connecting businesses between Canada and Latin America.  Originally from Brazil, Fernanda lived in the USA and Italy before moving to Vancouver.
  • Mirrai International ( is a consulting company that helps businesses be successful in an international market. We help our clients in all the steps of their new venture, including market research, marketing strategies, branding and helping them to connect with potential clients and suppliers. Mirrai also organizes business missions to stimulate the exchange of ideas, networking and discovering new technologies.
  • Bill Kenney ( is the founder and client advocate for MEET. Bill has more than 30-years of experience in trade shows and in-person marketing as a participant, exhibitor, organizer, host, and consultant. He is a frequent and sought after speaker on many market entry and client acquisition topics.
  • MEET ( helps B2B growth companies and pavilion hosts effectively leverage at trade shows and in-person events. MEET’s processes help its clients ramp-up sales quickly and maintain a steady stream of high-quality prospects going forward.