SelectUSA Preparation with Paul Zito, RGP Northwest Ohio

Bill Kenney: Welcome to the latest episode of Belly2Belly. Today, we’re diving into the topic of how to get the most out of SelectUSA. Joining us is our esteemed guest, Paul Zito from RGP Northwest Ohio. Welcome, Paul.

Paul Zito, RGP Northwest Ohio: Thank you for having me, Bill. I’m thrilled to discuss gearing up for SelectUSA Summit 2024.

Bill Kenney: Some have likened SelectUSA to the World Cup of Economic Development or US market entry. It’s about maximizing our interactions and laying the groundwork for meaningful conversations before the event itself. The goal is to ensure that when we convene at SelectUSA, we’re engaging in high-level discussions and driving progress forward. Wouldn’t you agree?

Paul Zito, RGP Northwest Ohio: Absolutely.

How to get the most out of SelectUSA Investment Summit

About RGP Northwest Ohio

Bill Kenney: For those who may be unfamiliar with RGP and its role in facilitating successful market entry into the US, could you provide a brief overview of your organization’s activities?

Paul Zito, RGP Northwest Ohio: Certainly. RGP is a privately funded Regional Economic Development agency celebrating its 30th anniversary. As one of JobsOhio’s six Regional partners, we assist companies worldwide in site selection and negotiation of incentive packages. Our focus is not only on securing physical locations but also on integrating companies into their respective industries, facilitating connections, and providing tailored support.

Bill Kenney: It’s interesting how strategic connections often outweigh incentives in importance for companies. Building relationships and accessing new markets are pivotal for sustained growth, wouldn’t you say?

Paul Zito, RGP Northwest Ohio: Absolutely. While incentives play a role, the long-term value lies in cultivating customer relationships and optimizing operational efficiency. Time and cost savings are paramount, especially for significant investments like new manufacturing facilities.

RGP Northwest Ohio

Bill Kenney: Ohio’s positioning within the US market is unique, yet often overlooked. Could you shed some light on the state’s advantages, particularly its logistical strengths?

Paul Zito, RGP Northwest Ohio: Ohio’s central location places it within a one-day drive of the majority of the North American population and manufacturing base. Additionally, robust rail, air, and port infrastructure enhance connectivity, making Ohio an ideal hub for distribution and supply chain operations.

Bill Kenney: Indeed, Ohio’s geographic advantage offers unparalleled access to major consumer markets, which can significantly benefit businesses seeking to establish a presence in the US.

Paul Zito, RGP Northwest Ohio: Absolutely. Its strategic location, coupled with logistical infrastructure, provides a competitive edge for businesses targeting the US market.

Why SelectUSA?

Bill Kenney: As someone with extensive experience attending SelectUSA, what would you say are the key benefits for companies considering participation in this event?

Paul Zito, RGP Northwest Ohio: SelectUSA presents a prime opportunity for efficient networking and exposure to potential partners and investors. Over the years, we’ve consistently garnered valuable leads and connections, making it a worthwhile investment of time and resources.

How to get the most out of SelectUSA?

Bill Kenney: Preparation seems crucial for maximizing the benefits of attending SelectUSA. What advice would you offer to companies, especially those new to the event and the US market?

Paul Zito, RGP Northwest Ohio: Research and utilize available resources extensively. Explore state economic development agencies’ websites, leverage matchmaking systems, and tap into embassy and consulate networks for industry-specific insights. Preparing well in advance can significantly enhance the outcomes of your participation.

Bill Kenney: Wise counsel indeed. Thank you, Paul, for sharing your insights and expertise. I look forward to connecting further at SelectUSA Summit 2024 and witnessing the positive impact of your work in Ohio’s economic landscape.

Paul Zito, RGP Northwest Ohio: The pleasure is mine, Bill. I appreciate the opportunity to shed light on the importance of events like SelectUSA in fostering economic growth and collaboration.

Bill Kenney: Until next time, take care.

Paul Zito, RGP Northwest Ohio: Goodbye.

How to get the most out of SelectUSA Summary Points:

  1. Ohio’s central location and robust logistical infrastructure make it an attractive destination for businesses seeking to establish a foothold in the US market, providing unparalleled access to major consumer markets and manufacturing hubs.
  2. SelectUSA Summit serves as a pivotal platform for efficient networking and forging strategic connections, offering companies valuable opportunities for market entry and expansion in the US.
  3. Effective preparation, including thorough research, utilization of available resources, and strategic networking, is crucial for maximizing the benefits of attending events like SelectUSA, especially for companies new to the US market.

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