HIRING: Project Manager

All appropriate candidates can apply directly to Bill Kenney (bkenney@myeeteam.com). Candidates should include their resume, references related to their background in project management, and their current availability.

Project Manager

Preface: MEET is a results based organization. We collaborate to set realistic expectations and milestones around projects and you manage your schedule to achieve them.



MEET (My Expo & Event Team)

Promotional Services

Location: Ivoryton, CT
About the company: MEET helps high-growth companies enter new markets, drive return-on-investment, and scale quickly through trade shows. MEET changes outcomes by engaging and enrolling quality prospects cost effectively. We develop and execute trade show strategy, provide staffing, secure speaking opportunities, support sales and measure results. Our only goal is to maximize event participation return on investment.
Website: https://sheikharin.com/meetroi/
Contact Name: Bill Kenney
Contact Email: bkenney@myeeteam.com
Supervisor: Bill Kenney
Position Discription This is an independent contractor position. This position is responsible for managing ongoing projects across several clients. Manage each step of the project work flow, from element start activation, execution, and approval to delivery and implementation, by ensuring client needs are being met including timeline milestones and brand elevated experiences. Create and execute project work plans and revise as needed to meet changing needs and requirements. Effectively communicate project expectations to MEET and where appropriate, to the client in a timely and clear fashion.
Project Manager Duties/Outcomes:
  • Collaborate closely with MEET management to identify & align on project needs
  • Prioritize projects based on client objectives, resources & deliverables
  • Manage timelines and milestones
  • Communicate clearly and in an effective manner with MEET and client as needed
  • Develop and share as needed a client specific summary dashboard of current project status.
  • Partner with key client stakeholders and establish working relationships
  • Review project starts for accuracy and obtain necessary details
  • And other duties as assigned
Key Attributes:
  • Honest and Win-Win in all dealings and matters
  • Deadline driven, meticulously organized
  • Strong attention to detail and focus
  • Able to handle multiple projects with ease and tact
  • Able to work in fast-paced environment, anticipating needs & changing dynamics, and managing accordingly
  • Sets and continually manages project expectations with team members and other stakeholders
  • Responsible for ensuring the respective clients know and understand the project vision, manage expectations
  • Solution-oriented; when necessary, find alternative or escalates issues in a timely fashion
  • Builds, develops, and nurtures relationships with key stakeholders vital to the success of the project
  • Responsible for documenting standards and best practices methods
  • Manages vendors / vendor resources to meet agreed upon deliverables.
Basic Qualifications
  • 3+ years project management experience
  • Proficient email and office software
  • Experience working with project management software
  • Experience working with remote teams
  • Strong references and proof of past performance
  • Bachelor’s or equivalent work experience
Start Date:

Work location:

Hours per week:




Salary/Stipend: TBD based on experience and productivity
How to apply: Contact Bill Kenney at bkenney@myeeteam.com or 860-573-4821
Application deadline: No deadline.


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