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3 Attributes that Define a Prospect

November 4, 2016

Most of us sales and marketing types are optimists and as such we often overestimate who are prospects for our products and services. This is particularly challenging at trade shows as we generalize our messaging and attract a subset of the average attendee as opposed to attracting true prospects.

To be a prospect a target must:

  1. Have a NEED – They have to have a bona fide use or application for our product or service.
  2. Have MONEY – They have to have the ability to fairly compensate us for our product or service.
  3. Be URGENT – They have to have an immediate application or desire for our product or service.

Most of us get challenged when we meet someone with what we perceive as a need and we assume they have money and urgency. To be a prospect they must satisfy all three criteria at the same time. They must satisfy these criteria from their perspective, not ours.

Here’s the easiest way to remember this…to be a prospect the person or company with whom we are talking must: NEED MONEY NOW!

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