SelectUSA Preparation with Jessica Reynolds, Maryland Department of Commerce

Bill Kenney: Hi and welcome to the next episode of Belly2Belly. Today, we’re here to talk about getting ready for the SelectUSA Investment Summit with our guest Jessica Reynolds from the Maryland Department of Commerce. Welcome, Jessica. It’s great to have you here.

Jessica Reynolds: Thank you, Bill. Pleasure to be here.

SelectUSA Investment Summit

About Maryland Department of Commerce

Bill Kenney: Jessica, for the companies considering attending SelectUSA, could you give us an overview of how the Maryland Department of Commerce supports companies entering the US market, particularly in Maryland?

Jessica Reynolds: Absolutely. As the state’s Economic Development agency, we offer various services to foreign companies interested in entering the US market, especially in Maryland. We provide market research, statistics, introductions, site visits, and information on business and government regulations. Additionally, we offer funding programs and incentives tailored to different types of projects. Our goal is to serve as the main point of contact for companies seeking information and assistance, coordinating resources within the state and providing access to county-level information to simplify the process of market entry.

Jessica Reynolds: One of our primary programs is the Global Gateway Soft Landing Program, which offers foreign companies a unique opportunity to explore Maryland’s business environment. This program provides access to 19 partners across the state, including incubators and accelerators, offering services and support tailored to various industries. We also cover the first six months of participation in the program, including up to $10,000 in incentives, to encourage companies to consider Maryland as their entry point into the US market.

Maryland Department of Commerce

Why SelectUSA?

Bill Kenney: That’s impressive support for companies looking to establish a presence in Maryland. Now, SelectUSA is a significant event, especially since it’s hosted in Maryland. Besides its proximity, why is participation in SelectUSA important for your organization?

Jessica Reynolds: SelectUSA is the premier event for foreign investors seeking to invest in the US market. It brings together representatives from all states, providing a unique opportunity for companies to quickly gather information and make connections with key stakeholders. The event offers valuable insights through panel discussions and presentations, making it essential for organizations like ours to participate and showcase Maryland’s business opportunities.

Suggestions for Getting Ready for SelectUSA

Bill Kenney: Absolutely. It sounds like a crucial event for fostering investment and collaboration. For companies attending SelectUSA and visiting the US, do you have any specific recommendations about getting ready to make the most of their experience?

Jessica Reynolds: Certainly. For SelectUSA, I recommend scheduling meetings in advance with state representatives to ensure meaningful interactions. The event can get busy, so planning ahead is key. Additionally, exploring the show floor and participating in spin-off events can provide valuable networking opportunities. Maryland, for example, will host a two-day spin-off event covering various sectors, offering additional insights and networking opportunities.

Bill Kenney: That’s excellent advice. Making use of networking opportunities and spin-off events can enhance the overall experience for companies attending SelectUSA. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your insights today. I look forward to seeing you at SelectUSA in June.

Jessica Reynolds: Thank you, Bill. I’m excited for the event and eager to connect with companies interested in exploring opportunities in Maryland.

Bill Kenney: Likewise. Thank you again, Jessica, and see you soon!

Getting Ready for SelectUSA Summary Points:

  1. The Maryland Department of Commerce offers a range of services to support companies entering the US market, including market research, introductions, site visits, regulatory guidance, and access to funding and incentives. Their Global Gateway Soft Landing Program provides tailored support and incentives for foreign companies interested in exploring Maryland as their entry point into the US market.
  2. Participation in SelectUSA is crucial for the Maryland Department of Commerce to showcase the state’s business opportunities and foster connections with foreign investors. The event provides a platform for quick access to key stakeholders and valuable insights through panel discussions and presentations.
  3. Recommendations for companies getting ready for SelectUSA include scheduling meetings in advance with state representatives, exploring the show floor for networking opportunities, and participating in spin-off events like Maryland’s two-day event covering various sectors. Making use of these opportunities can enhance the overall experience and facilitate meaningful connections.

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