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SelectUSA Preparation with Dan Glazer, Wilson Sonsini

Bill Kenney: Welcome everyone to the next episode of Belly2Belly, today we’re here to talk about preparing for and attending the SelectUSA Investment Summit. We’re joined by Dan Glazer from Wilson Sonsini. Hi Dan, great to have you here. Daniel Glazer: Hi Bill, I’m doing well, thanks for having me. About Wilson Sonsini Bill Kenney: Dan, you’ve been involved with SelectUSA for quite some time. Could you give us an overview of how Wilson Sonsini assists companies entering the US market? Daniel Glazer: Absolutely. Wilson Sonsini, based in Silicon Valley, focuses on providing legal support to tech and life sciences firms across the US. Our team guides companies through various stages, from inception to IPOs or M&A deals. We have a specialized US expansion team catering to non-US companies seeking to enter the American market. Bill Kenney: I understand you lead Wilson Sonsini’s London office. Can you tell us more about that? Daniel Glazer: Sure, our London office comprises a team of around 40 US and dual-qualified lawyers. We work closely with European tech and life sciences companies, providing them with support akin to what they’d receive in Silicon Valley, right in their own backyard.   Why Attend SelectUSA? Bill Kenney: SelectUSA seems like a pivotal event. What draws you back to it each year? Daniel Glazer: SelectUSA gathers a global audience interested in investing in the US. It’s a unique platform where companies and economic development organizations from all 50 states convene. This allows attendees to explore various opportunities and incentives offered across the country. Tips for Attending SelectUSA Bill Kenney: So in that that leads into my last question are there some recommendations you would share with companies that are attending about ways to get the most out of SelectUSA? Daniel Glazer: I’d suggest… Research and Planning: Invest time beforehand to research and plan your approach. Use the SelectUSA website to identify states or localities that interest you for potential business expansion. Narrow down your options to a manageable number and schedule one-on-one meetings with representatives from those areas. This focused approach helps in gaining deeper insights into what each region offers, making the conference experience more productive. Understand Represented Entities: Understand which states, localities, and organizations will be represented at the event. Determine in advance which types of organizations you want to connect with, such as the US Commercial Service, the Department of Commerce, or the SelectUSA team. These entities can offer valuable insights into various aspects of expanding into the US, including tax, insurance, banking, or legal matters. Make the Room Feel Smaller: With over 3000 attendees, it’s crucial to identify the most relevant individuals or organizations for your goals. Focus on engaging effectively with them to make the conference environment feel more manageable and productive. By following these recommendations, companies can make the most out of their participation in SelectUSA and effectively pursue their expansion goals in the US market. Bill Kenney: I love it! The picture that came to mind as you were talking was the idea of making the room feel smaller. With over 3000 attendees, each of us is likely trying to connect with numerous people. So, it’s essential to figure out which individuals or organizations are most relevant to your goals and focus on engaging with them effectively. Attending SelectUSA Summary Points: Wilson Sonsini’s Role and London Office: Wilson Sonsini, a Silicon Valley law firm, aids tech and life sciences companies throughout their US journey, from inception to IPOs or M&A deals. Their specialized US expansion team supports non-US companies entering the American market. Dan Glazer heads Wilson Sonsini’s London office, which provides US-style legal support to European tech and life sciences firms, eliminating the need to seek assistance in Silicon Valley. SelectUSA Significance: SelectUSA serves as a vital platform for companies globally interested in investing in the US. It brings together businesses and economic development organizations from all 50 states, offering attendees insights into various opportunities and incentives nationwide. Research, Plan, and Connect: The key to maximizing your SelectUSA Investment Summit experience lies in thorough research and strategic planning. Use resources like the SelectUSA website to pinpoint states or localities aligning with your business expansion objectives. Prioritize one-on-one meetings with representatives from these areas to gain comprehensive insights. Amidst a vast attendee pool, prioritize engaging with the most relevant individuals or organizations to create a more focused and fruitful conference environment. About MEET MEET helps international B2B & B2G companies gain traction and scale in the U.S. through trade shows, events, and strategic connections. Contact Bill Kenney for a no-obligation conversation: or +1 (860) 573-4821. Meeting ended after 00:09:25 👋 Attending SelectUSA Investment Summit Podcast Recording (2024-02-27 10:34 GMT-5) – Transcript Attendees Bill Kenney, Daniel Glazer Attending SelectUSA Transcript This editable transcript was computer-generated and might contain errors.. Watch the conversation here Read “Ready for SelectUSA? Crush this 12-Step Checklist to Make Sure” – SelectUSA Summit, 23-26 June 2024, Washington, DC — Dan Glazer, – Feel free to contact us with any questions Bill Kenney, MEET,