MEET helps international B2B companies gain traction and scale in the U.S. through trade shows, events, and strategic connections
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Trade Show Strategy

at MEET, our aim is to improve trade show and event participation ROI while establishing a methodology for benchmarking and continuous improvement. In other words, we aim to address the most pressing challenges of today while minimizing the risk of future challenges tomorrow.</>
It is expensive to fully possess trade show participation skills in-house. We provide both a turn-key and supplemental approach that flexes to each evolving clients needs. MEET’s 40+ years of event participation and management experience and vast network connects our clients to the best opportunities and yields better results with trade show strategy and lower costs. Our 3-point system creates results and continuous improvement.
MEET will also be performing a variety of pre-market-entry tests at trade shows and events for the company. These tests will validate the best early buyer personas, value propositions, and offers. The goal will be to ensure early traction and sustained growth. We have found that early traction is a critical element not only to the venture’s success but also to retaining key team members and investor support.

We bring focus

MEET strategy is the foundation of event participation success. Like the rudder on a ship, the appropriate strategy guides direction.

  • Persona-centered event participation strategy
  • Specific plan by event
  • Integrate all marketing modes
  • Performance reporting
  • Continual improvement