MEET helps international B2B companies gain traction and scale in the U.S. through trade shows, events, and strategic connections
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Selling at trade show

could be a difficult task but working MEET will make it simple.</> Trade shows can bring exponential growth for your business with increasing sells and percentage growth of your product or service.Selling at trade shows is an opportunity that cannot be compared to any other type of marketing. While most marketing dollars are spent with the hope of someday getting face-to-face with your target prospect, trade shows deliver the most efficient way to this objective.

Unfortunately, most salespeople would not agree. At MEET, we hear from sales teams all the time about their anguish when it comes to selling at trade shows. Why? Because after committing time and resources to attend an event, they simply feel it does not deliver quality prospects. In others words, selling at trade shows feels like a big waste of time.An ideal customer is a buyer that you want to replicate over and over and over again. “Ideal” is not a qualifier that can be superimposed; it is not who you aspire to be your best customers. It is quantifiably defined as those who have the most NEED, the most RESOURCES, and the most URGENCY for your product or service. We say, to be a prospect someone must NEED, MONEY, and NOW.

We drive quality prospects

MEET improves targeting and evolves all marketing communications to attract buyers and compel action. We support the integration of all communications to enhance marketing yield.

  • Buyer and partner persona development
  • Hypothesis testing and iteration
  • Lead handling and nurturing
  • Marketing asset review and localization
  • Integration of all marketing modes