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Pillar Section 5: Determining the Right Trade Show Booth Offer

Determining the Right Trade Show Booth Offer

Identifying the number one problem that keeps your ideal customers up at night is critical to developing the right offer. In the B2B world, this will be the aspect of their business they feel most challenged by. If this challenge relates to your product or service, you have a unique opportunity to develop an offer that speaks directly to their needs, triggering them to self-identify as a prospect on the trade show floor.

What’s Keeping Your Prospects Up at Night

Whatever the challenge, if your product or service has to power to solve someone’s #1 problem, you want to make that clear.

Much like fishing, you need to choose the right water and the right bait to attract the precise fish you are aiming to catch. Your goal in selecting the right booth offer is for non-prospects to “swim by” and not take up your valuable time.

Consistently we witness “enter to win” booth offers. Your prospect may want an iPad, but the majority of people who opt-in for this offer will not be qualified prospects.

For more on how to help qualified prospects opt-in to your booth offer, check out this post.

Leveraging Your Best Marketing Assets

Trade Show Strategy PlanAt MEET, we recommend thinking of offers as next-level lead nurturing assets. Whether it’s marketing newsletters, webinars or white papers, client assessments, informational videos, or facilitated discussion groups, these are your best marketing assets that you can promote in the form of an offer.

Check out MEET’s Resources Page for some examples.

With so many communications bombarding trade show attendees as they walk down the floor, it’s difficult to stay focused. On top of that, 50% of attendees identify as introverts, meaning it’s extra challenging for them to walk up to a booth and start a conversation.

For these reasons, you will need to repackage these marketing assets into offers by using provocative titles. Your goal should be to keep them simple, direct, and easy to digest. Check out this post on how we compare booth offers to billboard marketing.

Looking for help determining the best offer for your ideal customer? MEET can help.

Click here to download the full report: How to Maximize ROI with a Trade Show Strategy Plan 


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