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Maximize your ROI at SelectUSA with an Opportunity One-Sheet

June 2, 2019

When heading to a high-value event like SelectUSA, it’s important that you are equipped with the right tools to make the best first impression. In our last post, we talked about the importance of fine-tuning your value proposition and self-introduction to ensure that every interaction is congruent with how you want to be perceived.

SelectUSAAnother tool that is critical to maximizing ROI through every interaction is the opportunity one-sheet.

Purpose #1 of an opportunity one-sheet

The primary purpose of an opportunity one-sheet is to inform, excite, and remind your audience to take action. For example, you are attending SelectUSA and you’ve just finished a matchmaking session, met someone at a cocktail reception, or workshop. During that conversation, you shared your value proposition and the goals you’re aiming to achieve at the event.

In addition to your business card, you want to be able to hand this person a one-sheet that serves as a reminder of your conversation and provides more detail into who you are and what you’re looking for.

As these individuals go through the event or once they return to their marketplace, you remain with them and your information is easily shareable. Thanks to your one-sheet, they can now help you make connections within their network or provide a product or service to help you achieve your goals.

The opportunity one-sheet is a tangible way to spread your words further faster.

Opportunity one-sheets give the people you’re meeting the tools to propagate your message further, remember you longer, and make connections for you in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Purpose #2 of an opportunity one-sheet

If the first purpose of a one-sheet is to help people spread your opportunity throughout their network, the second purpose is to share your opportunity with their own team.

Whether it’s with the individuals they’ve brought with them to SelectUSA or colleagues back in their home market, something tangible that can be distributed and even copied will help them remember your goals and distinguish you from the sea of interactions after a large event.

The components of an opportunity one-sheet

Though everyone will choose to format their one-sheets differently, we’ve identified nine components that we recommend including. Whether you choose a two-sided document, a postcard or a trifold, remember that portability, clean formatting, and clear images are important.

Recommended components of an opportunity one-sheet:
• Logo and one line pitch
• Brief business history and summary
• Management team profile
• Target market
• Reference customers
• Competitive advantages
• Resources/support needed (these should be aligned with event-specific goals)
• Call to action with a deadline
• Contact information and company URL

Have questions about how to apply this format to your business? We’re happy to help.

Who should receive your opportunity one-sheet and when?

When thinking about who to deliver your opportunity one-sheet to, put the event hosts on the top your list. Having vetted every participant, they are your best bet for high-quality references. And because they rarely get asked for this type of information, they’re often happy to help.

Here’s a complete list of who we recommend targeting with your opportunity one-sheet:
• Hosts
• Investors
• Economic Development Officers (EDOs)
• Exhibitors
• Speakers
• Other attendees

SelectUSAAs far as when to share your one-sheet for an event like SelectUSA, the simple answer is TODAY. The SelectUSA online portal and app are available now and each allows participants to upload their one-sheets.

There are a million good reasons to introduce yourself to fellow participants before the event has begun. Perhaps the best reason is that pre-event meetings create space for higher-value second and third-level conversations during the event.

Having a good supply of one-sheets during the event will also be important, as well as using them as a tool in your follow-up strategy or with those you did not have a chance to meet in person.

For those interested in MEET’s entire SelectUSA toolkit and strategy resources for maximizing ROI, check out our 2-part SelectUSA webinar series available on our YouTube channel.


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