MEET helps international B2B growth companies scale through in-person & virtual trade shows
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Are in a fix for managing the exhibition? Hire a company. MEET ROI is one stop solution for all your needs as a best

trade show management companies.

Events deliver the most efficient way to engage and enroll prospects. Having the opportunity to be face-to-face in one location in a fixed time frame with your likely buyers is an unparalleled opportunity.
Unlike most forms of marketing, events are dynamic. Whether you are a exhibitor, pavilion host, sponsor, trade show strategy maker or speaker effective event participation is not easy because:
Your best prospects and the events they attend are ever changing
Identifying your ideal prospects in a sea of general attendees is challenging
Engaging and enrolling prospects takes excellent strategy and is a unique skill set
Your company executives, marketing, and sales staff can be underutilized
The range of event opportunities are vast and disparate and require our established network to be leveraged

MEET speaking secures valuable presentation opportunities. Our vast network of events, organizations, and associations will connect you to ideal audiences.

  • Develop speaker marketing kit
  • Identify, apply, negotiate and secure targeted speaking opportunities for client subject matter experts
  • Content and skills training
  • Audience engagement and enrollment training
  • Back of the room support and staffing