SelectUSA 2022 Preparation, a Visit with Kirthi Mani, CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)

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Bill : Well Hi and welcome to the next episode of belly to belly and today we’re going to be talking about Select USA and preparations kind of our next in the installment of how to get ready and ramped up. So we are welcome or I should say we’re joined by Kirthi Mani from Clifton. Larson and Allen LLP. And they’re sometimes known as CLA as well. Welcome, Keerthi. And it’s great to talk to you today.

Kirthi : Awesome that yeah, likewise, I’m always pumped up and enthusiastic about Select USA love to be here.

Bill : Oh, thank you. And so I want to make sure we kind of frame this. So our audience are all companies that are interested in US market entry. And I know you do a lot of work with companies in that in that way and who are interested in coming to the US. So maybe you could take just a moment or two and tell us about the services that CLA offers for companies that are coming into the US.

Kirthi : Perfect So CLA we are a big eight US accounting firm. And you know, we offer a variety of services to privately held businesses, I lead CLA’s Global Advisory and outsourcing practice. So pretty much we act as a single point of contact for all their global needs, beat you know, entity creation, tax structuring bank account insurance, talent solutions, you name it. We’re the one stop shop, to help those companies come into the US scale and succeed.

Bill : Ah, that’s so good and it’s such a critical part. And it just I hear all the time companies being challenged to form so I’m really glad for our relationship and the help you can provide companies in our network. So you know, you’ve been mentioned as we’re getting going that you’ve participated in Select USA, three or four times now and what is it about Select USA itself, the event to me and the community that really excites and interests you?

Kirthi : Oh, yeah. So Bill I think of it like if you’re a football fan, it’s Super Bowl, right? So I would say if you’re in this global business, like helping global businesses or individuals come inbound, select USA is the event to be just the energy, just a mix of people from international businesses, entrepreneurs, the Economic Development Councils, all the service providers. I would say it’s the place to be don’t miss it.

Bill : That is the best description. I’ve heard the Super Bowl of US market entry I love. I love that metaphor. It’s absolutely perfect. Yeah, and it totally fits. So if if you’re international, you don’t know the Super Bowl. Think of the World Cup. It’s the World Cup for US market entry. I love it. Or the Olympics, any of those. So and obviously you’ve seen and you’ve worked with many clients and you’ve met many companies who go to Select USA. When you think about the best practices that you’ve seen in terms of companies, not just maybe, you know, number one might be leveraging, you know, the Select USA event itself, how do they get the most of it because there’s so many components, but also these companies quite often will, you know, extend their visit to the US either come early or stay you know, an extra you know, extra days or a week or whatnot. But what suggestions have you have for companies that are coming over to attend this like USA event? How do they get the most out of it?

Kirthi : That’s a great question, Bill. I would say three things. Network network network. It’s all about that, you know, benefit from that. I know we all have 100 million things going on. But don’t just come and be on your laptop even prior to as you very correctly said you could extend your stay meet some providers. For example, if you want to open a bank account, right you connect with a provider you extend that So make use of this forum to network, give it give it your all and be all and lean in and make use of this opportunity. I think it’s amazing if you network, that kind of wealth of information, wealth of service providers, wealth of other businesses that you can bounce off ideas. It’s just amazing.

Bill : I love that. So just to give you a reinforcement of that. So last year we interviewed was probably a dozen founders who had successfully internationalized both into the US and then also in other cases from the US out. The number one thing and this is just asking an open ended question the number one thing each of them said that created their success in whatever country or countries they went to was the network they established. So your answer certainly agrees with the at least what we’ve heard from very successful founders as they as expanded internationally. So no, that’s, that’s awesome. And is there anything that CLA is going to be doing particular or a particular focus, you’re going to have it at select USA that we shouldn’t make sure our audience knows about? Oh, yeah.

Kirthi : So we’re going to be all in right so we are going to have a number of speakers from CLA. I will be in the banking panel for any bank opening theme points. I know Patrick Hanlon is going to be talking about incentives. So you will hear all about it. We have a website on here. They’re all in excited to be there.

Bill : Oh, that’s so cool, Kathy, and so we’re just to our audience. So you know, we’ll have courteous contact information in the description. And I’m sure you’d welcome contact from anybody who is interested in more information on your services. 

Kirthi : Absolutely. 

Bill : That’s awesome. So, to our audience, thank you so much. In making sure that you like and subscribe so you can stay in tune with other great content and Kirthi, really your time has just been so awesome today and we really appreciate you sharing your wonderful wisdom.

Kirthi : It’s my pleasure. Thank you so much. 

Bill : All right. Thank you. We’ll see you soon. 


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