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SelectUSA 2024 Preparation with David Rose, US Expansion Partners

February 5, 2024

SelectUSA Podcast Recording (2024-01-29 10:18 GMT-5) – Transcript


Bill Kenney, David Rose


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Bill Kenney: Hi and welcome to the next episode of Belly2Belly. Today we’re here to talk about SelectUSA preparation and we’re joined by our great friend David Rose from US Expansion Partners. Welcome David.

David Rose: Hey Bill, Good to see you.

Bill Kenney: it’s great to see you as well. So our goal today is really to talk about SelectUSA and particularly, thinking of companies coming to SelectUSA and planning their visit. We want to give them as many tools as possible and certainly having you aboard we all want to introduce them to a great resource that they may want to have pre-contact with before they come. Getting the most out of the event usually means, how do we set it up so that we’re in more in-depth conversations when we arrive there. Sometimes that takes a preliminary conversation or two to get the most out of it. So, we’ll go through kind of a couple of items, but the first thing is we want to give the companies a good sense of US Expansion Partners and what you do to particularly help companies coming into the US. Can you give us an overview?

David Rose: Yeah, the easiest way to think about kind of our mission at US Expansion Partners is when companies look to come to the US and expand here in this market for the first time. They typically think that the starting point for that journey is we’re gonna hire a US representative. What they don’t realize is there are probably 36 steps you have to take before you can hire that person and another dozen things you have to be able to do before you invoice a customer and generate revenue. So the easiest way to think about what we do is we handle all those steps to get you launched all the way to get revenue as quickly as possible is the easiest way to think about it. So you don’t have to learn all those steps. We know what they are and we help you get there as quickly as we can.

Bill Kenney: Cool and you particularly specialize in I know tech companies, but do you want to define that a little bit more?

David Rose: So, I’ve done five Venture back tech startups personally. I’m a three-time tech CEO. Obviously, we have pretty don’t deep domain expertise and the tech sector but we also have a life sciences company from Korea that we work with and so we essentially have two service offerings one is that we call Country Manager. We hit all operations and finance and compliance for the companies and we have some scale services. We find is the country manager type of services are really ubiquitous. It doesn’t matter what the industry is versus kind of the scale-up services are pretty venture-back tech specific. It wouldn’t apply to advanced manufacturing or biotechnology.

Bill Kenney: So really it’s a diverse set of types of companies that you can work with. Yeah, that’s great. So it sounds like companies that are launching. You’re a first stop and can help them figure out the roadmap to the first customer. Is that a good summary?

David Rose: Yeah, a pretty good way to do it or another way to think about is you could probably come and talk to dozens of experts and partners and service providers and give you advice on what to do and kind of point in the right direction. You may get conflicting advice or instructions. So this would be like a One-Stop shop. You come to us. We’re gonna help you guide you through the entire process and we’re gonna bring another partner for specific needs, but we go one point of contact to get you through a successful us launch.

Bill Kenney: That’s brilliant So we met at SelectUSA last year and certainly companies that are thinking about coming. It would be great for them to hear. why do you value SelectUSA? What is it about the event this particularly important for you?

David Rose: This would be my third year going. It’s a fantastic event. I’ve done several events this past year and SelectUSA. I think is one of the most valuable ones I’ve been to in the world. So prioritize it. I found it super helpful getting to meet essential people in the ecosystem who can add value and help companies. Come hear all kinds of different ways where that means the site selection or whether that be an event marking or that be legal or accounting all that kind of ecosystem that people who are available to help are all there as well as all 50 states are there so you can learn about what are the advantages of setting up operations and different states and government officials and government programs to help companies when they come here. So, it’s a really well-organized event, with a lot of good content, a lot of good people, and just a really good use of time. In three days you get a lot done and meet probably everyone you need to meet in that kind of setting.

Bill Kenney: Yeah, no, it’s funny. just as you were talking to I’m thinking about it could be twice as long and you still wouldn’t be done. I mean, it’s that kind of an event that leads us to the third question which is around preparation. Thinking about companies that are coming and to give some context, some companies are there that already have us operations that are looking to expand those further additional regions or states or whatever and so they have reasonable US familiarity and then there are others maybe that are on the earlier stage that this is not only their first time to SelectUSA, but they’re first visit to the US and so when you think about how to prepare for SelectUSA are there certain things that you would suggest a company’s both in terms of taking advantage of the event itself and then also potentially to taking advantage of their US visit.

David Rose: I think the first thing I would say is don’t wait to the first day to try and figure it out. There are thousands and thousands of really experienced a smart people who can help and so doing some prep. Doing some work ahead of time will get you let you to maximize your time when you’re actually in Washington DC for the event. Once you are signed up and you create a profile you can go in to see everyone else who’s coming through the event app. You can look and see. You can sort by industry, resource type, and so on. You can schedule meetings with people long before you ever come. If you’re savvy if you want to work at it. Find the people you want to meet with and schedule a meeting with them beforehand. So when you meet with them when you’re in the States for the SelectUSA Investment Summit, you’re not getting to know someone for the first time but actually, getting your objectives and learning what you came to learn. If you’re coming to the US for the event from overseas there are probably some great opportunities while you’re already here in the Washington DC area. You’re close to New York close to Virginia. it’s kind of central here on the East Coast of the US. This gives you additional opportunities to go see some potential customers, go see some existing customers, or go see some potential partners or distributors or some existing partners are distributors. Use that time here to build some personal relationships. It goes a long way and helps propel your business into the future by being Belly2Belly.

Bill Kenney: Yeah, it’s all about being Belly2Belly. That’s the perfect advice that you shared. The idea of presetting meetings. And that’s the impetus of these conversations is to introduce the SelectUSA attendees to the audience coming this year. There are so many great resources We want to create that early contact. It’s nice that there’s an app but attendees don’t get access to that until 2-4 weeks before. If we can begin connecting participants and resources in January or February and ultimately get some of those questions those preliminary questions answered it moves things along much further faster.

David Rose: I’ve learned to try and pre-plan some talks and speakers that I really want to go see. I try and plan those and then block them in my calendar so I don’t get overlapping meetings. That’s hard to do because there’s so much good content. But if you want to prioritize I block those out in your calendar to avoid conflicts. You just want to schedule around those that are more important.

Bill Kenney: That makes sense. This has been fantastic, David. I appreciate you taking the time today. Is there anything else that you think would be helpful for companies coming across anything any parting words?

David Rose: I would say come. It’s a fantastic event and you meet lots of great people and do prep work. You get the most out of it and I think the biggest step is a have that experience and hear the speakers and meet the other companies in the area and meet the states it’s a great way to learn about how to expand into the US.

Bill Kenney: Cool, so we’re gonna put David’s information in the description down below. Encourage you to contact him. He is such an incredible resource. So please do that. Certainly. Let us know your questions as well, but David it’s been an absolute pleasure to chat with you today, and I can’t wait to see you in June.

David Rose: Looking forward to it Bill. Thanks for having me on. Take care.

Bill Kenney: You got thank you.