MEET helps B2B exhibitors effectively leverage trade shows
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“The team at MEET has helped us improve every phase of our brand presence and event participation. From selecting the right trade shows and identifying creative modes of participation to developing and assuring that our messaging attracts the intended prospect to preparing and appropriately deploying the team everything is cutting edge. MEET fits in as an integrated and dedicated member of the team, they bring in just-in-time skills, capabilities, and capacities to round out our business development team. They are able to anticipate needs and work independently. More than anything MEET allows us to focus our core business while they elevate our event marketing and follow-up results.”

Bryan Hurley, Mission Essential

“The MEET team has been instrumental in making us think about our marketing in a whole new way. ¬†They empower us to think outside our own box and discover that marketing at trade shows is not about people passively walking by our booth, but rather a process that should be strategically pursued. ¬†MEET continues to be supportive and a pleasure to work with.”

– Francine Lasky, Scientific Device Laboratory